Reflecting on 2020 – what a rollercoaster!

16-Dec-2020 (written by Charlotte Birkmanis)

As 2020 draws to a close, we are reflecting on the year that was. Despite the pandemic-related challenges, SequeiraLab managed to have a really productive year! To kick off the year, Ana became a Pew Marine Fellow! She was later awarded a prestigious Discovery grant from the Australian Research Council, and was also invited to write in the esteemed journals Nature and Current Biology. Our lab members, Callum, Charlotte and Malcolm got great scientific papers out there too! And even though we were sad to farewell Malcolm we welcomed many new lab members, with Takahiro starting his post-doc, Michelle and Mike beginning PhD projects, and Jess joining the lab as a Masters student. Hitting the ground running, Taka and Mike joined Ana in Shark Bay to kick off the Gathaagudu Animal Tracking (GAT) Project.

With 2020 being the year to do everything online, we took the opportunity to brush up on our skills and stay active on the science communication front. Livestreams abounded with Ana, Charlotte, Hannah and Lucy taking the “online stage” to talk research. Charlotte presented her research in three minutes from her lounge room for FameLab 2020, and took home a national award. Jess also presented her work virtually in the form of a video competition and participated in a community biodiversity awareness event. Last but certainly not least, Ana’s global collaborative projects were featured in the Pawsey Supercomputer Center’s Science Showcase and the MegaMove project is growing rapidly, now with over 300 collaborators from around the world! Phew, what a year.

SequeiraLab is signing off for 2020, but looking forward to the great research that 2021 will bring!

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