Water temperature as a driver of long-distance whale shark migration

The SequeiraLab is happy to announce that the research paper 'Water temperature is a key driver of horizontal and vertical movements of an ocean giant, the whale shark (Rhincondon typus)' led by Lucy Arrowsmith and co-authored by Ana Sequeira, Charitha Pattiaratchi and Mark Meekan, has just been published in the journal Marine Ecology Progress Series!

Join Sequeira Lab members in a ‘Shark Tales’ Livestream tomorrow!

21-April-2020 (written by Lucy Arrowsmith) Do you need a change from your isolation routine? Want to know more about life as a shark scientist and what it’s like to do research in the field?Well, you are in luck! The UWA Oceans Institute is hosting a livestream to bring science, education and entertainment to the comfort …