Charlotte Birkmanis wins national award

We are excited to report that Charlotte Birkmanis has been awarded the 2020 Student International Travel Scholarship from the Australian Society of Fish Biology. This merit-based scholarship supports a researcher to present their work at an international conference.

New paper assessing how much tracking data biases affect species distribution models

Dr Ana Sequeira and Dr Malcolm O’Toole have led a newly published paper on tracking marine animals published in the journal Methods in Ecology and Evolution. The study Quantifying effects of tracking data bias on species distribution models used simulation data emulating the movement of marine predators to test the effects of different types of tracking data when developing species distribution models.

Meet Sequeira Lab’s newest addition!

4-May-2020 (written by Jessica Pearce) Jessica Pearce has joined the Sequeira Lab to do her Masters Degree investigating shark evolution using novel genomic technologies in collaboration with Dr Matthew Fraser from UWA Oceans Institute and Assoc Prof Parwinder Kaur, Director of DNA Zoo Australia. Jessica will be sequencing the tiger shark genome and conducting a …