Jess shows the community our coastal biodiversity

03-Nov-2020 (written by Jessica Pearce)

Recently, SequeiraLab Master’s student Jessica Pearce participated in a community biodiversity awareness event, to help the public learn about our local coastal ecosystems. The event was run by our fantastic local artist and biodiversity educator, Angela Rossen, along with the UWA School of Biological Sciences, Quinns Rocks Environmental Group, and Tangaroa Blue Foundation.

The aim of this event was to encourage the wider community, particularly families with children, to get involved with science by looking closer at the flora and fauna of their local beach. Families explored Rock Pool Beach in Mindarie to tried to classify what they found in the fringing reefs and sand dunes. Everyone was surprised by how much they discovered in a short amount of time on one small beach – and enjoyed contributing to a biodiversity survey and beach clean-up.

This event was a great way to educate the community on the biodiversity that exists here in Western Australia! Events like this are a great way to get kids interested in biology and the conservation of our coastal ecosystems. Thanks Angela for organising it!

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