The Sequeira Lab threw some axes (at inanimate objects)

08-Oct-2020 (written by Megan Meyers)

The Sequeira Lab went on our first lab outing of 2020! And what a year it has been! The world in going through a pandemic and after the isolation period, we are fortunate in Western Australia to have life ‘almost’ back to normal now (with the due precautions). So, what better way to get out pent up pandemic frustration than to throw some large axes at a target?

At Lumber Punks Axe Throwing we put on our science (and safety hats) to learn the physics of hitting a bullseye – determining that two rotations is the sweet spot to hit the target! No limbs were lost, but bonding and camaraderie were gained. After using our muscles to hurl axes through the air, we worked up an appetite and went with our partners to share a few pints, food, and laughs. We hope to keep up our lab outing tradition more regularly now that restrictions have eased in Perth.

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