News&Views piece just published in Nature

19 March 2020 (written by Ana Sequeira)

In the News&Views article just published in Nature, Ana writes about the ‘hot-off-the-press’ study led Hindell and Reisinger with ~ 80 co-authors, where they identified areas of ecological significance in the Antarctic region that should be protected.

The News&Views piece highlights the striking result of that study, which showed that, in comparison to other areas of the Southern Ocean, the areas identified as of ecological significance have higher pressure from fishing and climate change. The authors got to this result by using tracking data from a range of marine predators, including seals, whales, penguins and flying birds, demonstrating the importance of tracking data to generate knowledge to better understand the marine environment. This is a key objective of the SequeiraLab and we were excited to have been invited to write a News&Views piece about that paper. It was great to see Hindell et al’s paper coming out and we congratulate all authors for their great work!

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